AnnieMac Home Mortgage's Construction-to-Permanent Loan Program

AnnieMac Home Mortgage's Construction-to-Permanent Loan Program

Jun 15, 2016

AnnieMac Home Mortgage’s Construction-to-Permanent loan program gives you a chance to build a future for yourself — literally. Getting a new home constructed is a big project. We can make it easier by saving you delays, hassles and expense on the financing end.

Maybe you’d like to get a home built. The problem is, you can’t use a conventional, long-term mortgage to buy an empty lot or an incomplete home. And the financial burden of paying for an entire home with a short-term loan is more than most people can deal with.

How do you get around that?

You could obtain an initial loan to fund the construction, and then get a long-term mortgage to pay off the remainder of the project once the home is built. But when you do it that way, you end up paying two sets of closing costs. You also waste time and effort shopping for two separate loans.

With construction-to-permanent financing, that second loan is unnecessary. The construction loan and the long-term mortgage are all part of the same transaction. One closing will take you all the way from construction, through moving day, through your new life as owner and occupant of a special home built to meet your individual needs.

We have access to federally backed programs including one from the Federal Housing Administration available to borrowers who might have problems qualifying for a conventional loan; and one from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs that requires no down payment and no mortgage insurance for current or former members of the armed forces.

One of our Licensed Mortgage Originators would be happy to schedule a free consultation to discuss what a construction-to-permanent loan can do for you. Please contact us at your earliest convenience.